Clip to Showcase Next-Gen ATM Solution with Strategic Partner NCR Atleos at 2024 ATMIA Conference in Las Vegas

Feb 15, 2024

TORONTO, Feb. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clip Money, Inc. (“Clip”) (TSXV:CLIP) (OTCQB:CLPMF), a company that operates a multi-bank self-service deposit system for businesses, is pleased to announce its participation in the 2024 ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) Conference, taking place February 14-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's conference marks a significant 25th anniversary, celebrating education, advocacy, and networking within the ATM industry.

Aligned with the conference's "Next-Gen ATMs" initiative, Clip will showcase its pioneering business cash deposit solution in the event exhibition booth of valued partner NCR Atleos, a leader in expanding financial access for financial institutions, retailers and consumers. This strategic partnership propels Clip's market expansion while bolstering cash management offerings from NCR Atleos for issuers and merchants.

NCR Atleos, as owner and operator of the world’s largest independent ATM network, has partnered with Clip to incorporate business cash deposits into thousands of existing NCR Atleos cash-deposit ATMs in Q1 2024. This collaboration solidifies Clip’s position as a leading non-bank business deposit network in the U.S., opening doors for partnerships with financial institutions seeking to optimize branch operations. The first transactions have been completed in production and the solution is ready to support opportunities.

Financial institution representatives seeking to tap into this business deposit network and accelerate growth with commercial clients are invited to visit Clip and NCR Atleos at ATMIA booth 501 for a tailored conversation and demonstration.

Retail store representatives are also encouraged to visit Clip and NCR Atleos during ATMIA to explore how the solution can unlock a smoother cash deposit experience for their employees while creating transaction opportunities with local business owners managing their own cash.

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Clip Money operates a multi-bank self-service deposit system for businesses through its ClipDrop Boxes and ATMs that provides businesses with the capability of making deposits outside of their bank branch. Deposits can be made at top retailers and shopping malls rather than having to go to a local bank branch or using a cash pickup service. Clips conveniently located ClipDrops or Clip enabled ATMs serve as cash deposit locations, facilitating next business day credit into a business account. Clip combines functional hardware, an intuitive user app and an innovative cloud-based transaction engine that efficiently processes business banking transactions. Clip Money offers a cost-effective and convenient solution for business banking deposits across major markets in Canada and the United States. For more information about the Company, visit



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